To begin with textures I initially carved my own or pressed fabrics into the clay to create a variety of textures, this did work well, however, after firing and then applying a glaze and firing quite a lot of the texture was lost. To improve this, I decided to carry forward textures in glazes. I began using rice and wood carvings within the glazes and slips to create create texture as some would burn out in the kiln and some would stay as they are thickly coated. This would create a bumpy surface. After the initial biscuit firing it didn’t look particularly effective, however, with different glazes applied to them the textures of the pieces did show through well and they looked effective. Especially the glaze pictured, it incorporated wood ash into the glaze which made it extremely grainy and was the look I was trying to achieve as it appeared to look like it was deteriorating and decaying. To push my project forward, I’ll begin to look into the shape with which the glaze will be applied to and what its purpose will be.


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