After focusing solely on textures, slips and glazes I have now decided to focus on the shape of the vessel that the texture will be applied to. Initially I did think of making organic shapes from throwing on the wheel or coiling or using pinching. However, the juxtaposition of the rough, organic texture and a slab built vessel consisting of clean, geometric line. After these are biscuit fired I will be using the pale ash glaze for a glaze firing to see whether the glaze makes the shape appear less geometric and more organic. I think I shall be using a less textural glaze on the inside of the vessels to make them easier to clean and easier to contain soil/water. The inside glaze will probably be a matt white glaze with the outside being the pale ash glaze. Whether this will incorporate oxides, I am unsure at the moment. The copper carbonate oxide works well after glazing as it turns green through oxidation in the kiln, however, with the pale ash glaze it turns more of a smoky black/green colour.


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