After adjusting my glaze recipe, I applied these to my slab built final pieces after the biscuit firing. The smooth, white glaze was poured onto the inside and the pale ash glaze was applied to the outside through dipping. Overall, I am extremely happy with the way the glaze has come out and the construction of my final pieces. No cracks are present so the vessels are completely water tight, they also appear consistent and the texture has remained present thanks to the wood chips in the slip. The larger vessel is slightly warped, this may have been that whilst drying it warped or could have warped with the heat in the kiln. However, the overall shapes of the pieces are consistent in thickness and reasonably straight and clean. To further myself for year 3 I would like to practice my slab building skills and look more into textures and how they can be applied to ceramics. I also want to look into the capabilities of clay and complete a sketchbook over the summer ready for my final year.


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