On my initial mock pieces I decided to put my pale ash glaze on top of the biscuit fired clay. Unfortunately the glaze did not come out how it did in my sample. Instead of being rough and dry it unfortunately came out glossy, smooth and ran down the side of the vessel. This was due to the fact that the initial sample was under fired. These pictures show how the glaze should have been when it came out of the kiln during my sampling. Also, the shapes slightly warped as they were not sufficiently built and my smallest piece did crack slightly. However, practice makes perfect and I will take what I’ve learnt on board and make my final pieces with my mocks and what went wrong in mind. I may also alter the glaze recipe or completely change the outside glaze as it was not the effect I wished for. I may also put wood shavings into the slip I will apply to my final pieces to create a more textured effect. Despite the outside glaze being not what I expected the internal matt glaze was lovely and smooth with a slight pearlescent sheen.


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